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Your one-stop destination in the world of livestream marketplace

If you want to discover unique fashion, Corner is your place to be. We offer you a unmatched place to shop your favorite brands, both the biggest ones on the fashion market or independent brands that have made some buzz in the world of high fashion. Whatever you are into, you will find it in our livestream app.

Still looking for your style? Influencers ecommerce is on its way to help you

Corner is a place that enables you to become part of the community that has been already transforming livestreaming marketplace. We are home to the best modern and vintage boutiques, and we want to share these goodies just with you. Geographical location is not a problem – in the Corner livestream shop you can buy the best of vintage from dozens of countries all over the world. If you’re on the hunt for sports shoes from your favorite brand, the perfect pair of jeans or a cool hoodie, our livestream store has got you covered! Loads of incredible clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products are waiting for you to grab via the livestreaming app.

How does livestreaming marketplace work?

At Corner, you can shop the latest fashion directly from our outstanding boutiques and independent labels. It’s a dreamy place for anyone who loves fashion and trendy accessories. We offer you a seamless way of shopping online, no wasted time, no struggle. Through livestreaming you can express your likes, send comments and chat with whoever is in front of the camera, including well-known influencers. You only need seconds to explore the products and add them to your cart to proceed to checkout. Livestream commerce is the future of online shopping and we truly believe that soon it will be the status quo for shopping in general.

Livestreaming shop – entertainment and shopping have teamed up

Building presence is everything and this trend is expected to continue. Join the Corner streaming community and get into interaction with influencers while shopping online. Our streaming app is waiting for you!

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