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The airplant (Tillandsia) is a very interesting plant, which grows… in the air. In its natural environment, its similar epiphytes reside on tree branches and in other plants. Air Plants, as they are also called, are unique plants which do not require soil to leave. Thus, they do not have a root system and all they need to live is just air. Moreover and interestingly, they also do not need watering, but we will talk about its care later.

Airplant (Tillandsia)

Airplant decorations

Airplants are very popular plants which grant a unique touch to any interior. They ideally match hanging and suspended arrangements, e.g. inside glass baubles or in metal stands. The airplant is such a universal, green ornament that it matches both a minimalistic interior and somewhat more refined designs.

How to care for airplants?

As we talked earlier, Tilandsia does not have classical roots and thus it does not require pots with soil and replanting. We also do not water it traditionally. If the plant resides in dry conditions (e.g. during the winter, with the heating on), it is a good idea to sprinkle it with standing water once or twice a week.

A good practice in airplant care is also to soak it regularly, e.g. once every 4-5 weeks. This allows the plant to absorb the appropriate quantity of water, as well as to clean the plant of dust, thus enabling it to "feed from the air" more effectively.

However it may sound compared to the above, airplants cannot be overwatered! Excessive sprinkling or soaking, however, may cause the plants to rot.

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