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Parlour palm (Chamaedorea elegans)

The native area of the parlour palm, also known as the coral palm, includes Mexico and Guatemala. It grows there in tropical forests and enchants with its elegance. Its evenly feathery, light green leaves reaching the length of 30-60 cm are particularly impressive.

How to care about the parlour palm?

The leaves are the true identity of the parlour palm. The leaves are the reason why this exotic plant requires slightly more space than its "standard" pot friends – the leaves are large and form a dense canopy. As an arrival from a moist, equatorial forest, it likes moderate shadows and likes to stay away from dry air. It will develop its full beauty exactly in a partially shaded place, without exposure to direct sunlight. It should be watered with previously boiled water (twice a week in the summer 2, in the winter – the less frequently and the less water should be used the cooler it is). The care this lady requires, in particular, include regular sprinkling (which also prevents the attack of red spider mites) and dust removal from the leaves using a wet cloth. It does not like, however (and absolutely does not need!) glossing. 16-20°C is the optimal temperature for the parlour palm. It should be placed in a narrow, tall pot to present itself exquisitely.

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