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Nerve plant (Fittonia verschaffeltii)

The nerve plant is a pot plant which can be found ever more frequently at our homes. Its elliptical, intensively green leaves covered in delicate hair and a network of white, sometimes pinkish nerves, are particularly impressive. It is characterised by high sensitivity and openly communicates its needs. And it is also quite… social.

How to take care of it?

The nerve plant likes shade and moist air a lot. If the light is excessive and the air too dry, it will surely communicate these facts. How? Its leaves will roll. This should be a warning signal for us, but do not panic. All it takes is to put the pot in water and transfer the nerve plant to a partially shaded place. We should strictly avoid excessive dryness. Copious watering 2-3 times a week in the summer and once a week in the winter will definitely help to avoid this. Observe the leaves carefully – if they turn yellow, the nerve plant asks us to limit its water supply. The optimal temperature for the nerve plant is over 18°C, wherein – if we want it to be happy and grow marvellously – the thermometer in the room where the plant lives should indicate even 22-24°C. Obviously, the warmer it is, the more care should we take to keep the adequate moisture levels. Daily sprinkling may definitely help with this, as does placing the plant near an air humidifier or… placing it in the company of other plants creating a moist microclimate, such as e.g. peace lily, pilea peperomioides or fern.

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