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The hanging Kokedama with Monstera minima, which is really a garden soil ball placed inside a coconut shell. It is the home of e.g. the monstera minima pot plant, but also of e.g. succulent plants. Each and every kokedama is handmade. This interesting way of plant cultivation comes from Japan. The plants are often described as Japanese string Kokedama gardens or Kokedama hanging gardens, as one of their unique features is the ability to suspend them at various places. Kokedama may be suspended e.g. over a coffee table or under the ceiling. It can change the style of your room and make it unique.

Kokedamas are great as office, kitchen and bathroom decorations and fit well within commercial spaces, such as cafes, restaurants and offices.

Kokedama may be used with specified pot plants, seedlings of house plants or seasonal plants. In the case of suspended Kokedama with a succulent plant, the needs are similar to a monstera minima in a pot.

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