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Cylindrical snake plant (Sansevieria Cylindrica)

Sansevieria Cylindrica, also known as cylindrical snake plant, is a succulent of the Asparagales genus originating from southwest Africa, also found in southeast Asia and in the Arabian Peninsula. It has long, thick and extremely rigid leaves resembling sabres, where it stores water. Cylindrical snake plants in pots may grow straight or be braided into an impressive braid.

Sansevieria Cylindrica – how to care for it?

As is the case with all succulents, Sansevieria Cylindrica is the heroin of extreme conditions. It will manage both exposure to direct sunlight, and being placed in a poorly lit place, however - if it could - it would select a semi-shaded location. It does not require frequent watering, as it is adapted through evolution to water accumulation and storage. To ensure the optimal water supply, it is enough to check the soil in the pot regularly and water the plant only when the top layer is completely dry.

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