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Chinese money plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

Chinese money plant arrived in our European pots from China. Its small, almost round leaves are seated on top of long, thin stems, forming small, loose rosettas. Larger specimens form a shoot, which lignifies over time, transforming the plant into a miniature, original plant. Pilea Peperomioides gained a few interesting nicknames, i.e. "money" - because of the shape of its leaves, "explosive plant" – as it shoots mature seeds at large distances, "pancake plant", "missionary plant" or… the "UFO plant"!

How to care about the Chinese money plant?

At first glance, Pilea Peperomioides may seem a bit "weird", but it definitely does not have strange requirements when it comes to lighting, temperature and humidity. It likes bright rooms with intensive, dispersed light. Room temperature is perfectly fine for it. The exception is that it does not like overheating during the winter (preferring 15-18°C). It likes moisture, but occasional dryness does not harm it. For most of the year, our "money tree" should thus be watered moderately (once or twice a week), and water supply should be limited in the winter (the best idea is to check the soil regularly and water the plant when the soil layer is dry). We can sprinkle the plant now and then to additionally care about the condition of the plant, as it loves sprinkling. Pilea Peperomioides will love us if we save it from excessive watering. This result not only in the leaves turning black and falling, but also in root rot. Luckily, this can be avoided very easily.

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