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Aloe is known not only for its decorative value, but first and foremost, for its confirmed, medicinal properties. Its thick leaves, storing water, are covered with tiny pricks and a layer of wax limiting perspiration. Whit spots appear on leaves of young specimens, which disappear with age – older representatives of this species have greyish-green leaves.

How to take care of the plant?

The name, aloe vera (common aloe) may be slightly misleading, as this plant, despite taking just a little space, is definitely not a common one. It reaches the height of ca. 50 centimetres, and its most important requirement is access to sunlight, which it loves. This does not mean, of course, that we should purposefully expose the plant to direct sunlight – it just likes naturally lit places. The optimal temperature it should be kept in is 20-25°C in the summer and above 10°C in the winter. It is a succulent plant and as such, it will not get angry about not watering it too often. Quite the contrary, as a plant with excellent adaptation to limited access to water, it will be grateful for lack of excessive moisture. How often should we water it? Well, it will last great for 1-2 months without water and this is something we should give a thought. Under home conditions, watering every 10 days should be perfectly fine (and the frequency can be even lower in the winter). In the case of any doubts regarding the watering frequency, just add water when the soil becomes completely dry. Also, remember that the aloe absolutely hates sprinkling and it should not be used at all.

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