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Win It! Amino is a dietary supplement in the form of a powder, containing a mixture of BCAA branched chain amino acids that are combined with L-glutamine and beta-alanine. The product has been developed to provide the body with the most valuable amino acids, in particular for people training and physically active.

The instant version ensures excellent solubility of the preparation.

L-glutamine, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, beta-alanine, flavours, sweeteners: sucralose.

10g of product (1 portion) contains:

  • BCAA: 5g,

    including: l- leucine: 2,5g,

    including: l-isoleucine: 1,25g,

    including: l-valine: 1,25g,

  • l-glutamine: 2,5g,

  • beta-alanine: 800mg.

10g of product (½ scoop) mix with 200ml of water. Drink immediately after preparation.

Win It! Amino is a universal mixture of amino acids that will work both before and during training. It can be a perfect supplement to a pre-workout supplement or an addition to carbohydrates during a training session.

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