Turmerix - 120 capsulesPillosophy


Dietary supplement in the form of capsules. Its main ingredient is a highly concentrated turmeric extract. Each serving of the product provides valuable curcuminoids with a broad spectrum of activity. For better absorption of the turmeric extract, black pepper extract (piperine) has been added.

Curcuma longa root extract, black pepper fruit extract, capsule: gelatin, capsule dyes: e171, e172.

1 capsule contains: 

  • turmeric extract 320 mg (including curcuimoides 304 mg),

  • black pepper extract 5 mg (including piperine 4,9 mg).

2 capsules contain: 

  • turmeric extract 640 mg (including curcuimoides 608 mg),

  • black pepper extract 10 mg (including piperine 9,8 mg).

Take 2 capsules daily with glass of water.

Turmeric extract is a very versatile supplement, but bioavailability is a problem. Although the presence of piperine significantly increases the body's ability to use curcumin. Also, it is worth remembering that turmeric is much better absorbed in the presence of fats. It will, therefore, be an ideal addition to a protein-fat meal and supplements such as vitamins A, D, E and K.

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