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Nutrella is a dietary supplement in powder form. It is a protein supplement based on the highest quality whey protein concentrate (WPC). Each serving contains over 23g of valuable protein! It does not contain sugar or artificial dyes.

Whey protein concentrate (from milk) - 95%, flavours, sweeteners: sucralose.

30g of product (1 portion)  contains:

  • energy: 494,29 kJ / 118,06 kcal (6% RI*),

  • fats: 2,22g (3% RI),

    including saturated fats: 0,56g (3% RI),

  • carbohydrates: 1,49g (1% RI),

    including sugars: 0,97g (1% RI),

  • protein: 23,02g (46% RI),

  • salt: 0,07g (1% RI).

* - RI: reference intakes for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)

100g of product contains:

  • energy: 1647,67 kJ / 393,53 kcal,

  • fats: 7,4g;

    including saturated fats: 1,86g;

  • carbohydrates: 4,98g;

    including sugars: 3,22g;

  • protein: 76,74g;

  • salt: 0,23g.

30g of product (1,5 scoop) mix with 200ml of water or milk. Drink immediately after preparation. Depending on individual protein demand, use 1-3 portions daily.

Whey proteins are an excellent source of quickly absorbed proteins, so they can be successfully used after training to start regeneration processes.

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